Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Cutie Block of the Month

I love Cutie patterns and I cannot lie!  I have designed 10 of them but I'm a huge fan of the ones that  my friends have designed, too.

I'm tickled to be working on the Cutie Block of the Month -- Inez's Walk Around the Block -- for many reasons.  One is this great card:

Since I forget why I walked into the kitchen (every. single. time), I know that I'll forget which fabrics are which on a quilt I will work on monthly.  I love that they knew this about me and prepared for it ahead of time!

I chose black, gray, white, and a hint of gold (Go, Steelers!) for my quilt fabrics.  I finished my first block:

Now I can proudly box this up until February.  

Whatever shall I do with myself until it's time to make block #2?  Maybe I'll start Pat Sloan's quilt and the Craftsy 2016 quilt?  What other ones should I work on?

If you have finished any block of the month quilts and need help with the quilting, check out my Craftsy class:

Click HERE for $20 off this online class.

1 comment:

baseballmom said...

I'm also doing Lori Holt's (Bee in my Bonnet) Bloom quilt along. Not exactly a BOM but similar.

On the craftsy class...I have the 4 videos from Handi Quilter. Does the Craftsy class cover the same material or is it completely different?