Monday, January 25, 2016

Touring Tokyo

I planned Monday as a tour day in Tokyo.  Touring a new city is always a wonderful thing, but it's even more wonderful because if I tried to fly home Monday I would fly right into the messy cleanup after the blizzard that hit the east coast of the United States.  Better to stay here and play than get stuck in an airport somewhere!

I visited the Senso-ji Temple:

We found a noodle place for lunch and had front-row seats:


Yes it's western food, but Max Brenner's Hot Dark Chocolate:

No words needed.

This is the place where Masumi (?) kept me from cutting off my feet this afternoon:

After that lovely rest, it was time to eat again -- Tonkotsu!

First I was served a bowl of toasted sesame seeds and given instructions to crush them:

Then I mixed a sauce into my crushed seeds:

This dipping sauce was for the breaded fried pork:

This was so delicious!  I don't eat cabbage and yet I ate their cabbage and was happy about it!

After dinner we explored some more:

We found a store called Don Quijote.  It has EVERYTHING and it is all smooshed together inside.  If you are claustrophobic at all, avoid Don Quijote.  If you are not, enter and have fun looking at everything piled high and sold cheap.

After walking our feet off all day, an escalator up from the subway instead of stairs was a welcome sight!

If you don't believe that I walked my feet off today, my watch tracks my daily activity:

What an amazingly fun day!  I will roam around a bit tomorrow before I head to the airport for my long trip home.   I'm so sad to leave Tokyo!

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Kathy@KayakQuilting said...

Thank you for sharing! Tokyo is a city for sensory overload! I have been many times for business but before I started quilting! I'd love to go back and do some fabric shopping!!