Wednesday, January 06, 2016

A Touch of Gold

I'm in a hotel room this week and brought a few quilts to bind.  Will I ever have a moment without quilts to bind?  As I was sitting, binding and watching Pride and Prejudice for the eleventy-hundredth time, I was petting my quilt and loving the Midas Touch FabuLux thread used in the quilting:

This thread is a blend of three shades of gold and tan.  I knew that the FabuLux thread line needed a good golden blending thread and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!  It is blending beautifully with the scrappy squares, the yellow setting triangles, the black inner border, and the gray print border.  I love when a thread suprises me and works even better than expected.

I hope to post "where to buy FabuLux thread" news soon!  Sadly, my December illness delayed my plans for a few weeks but I'm nearly ready to spill the beans!

1 comment:

susan said...

Love your quilting Debby and loving the gold thread! Looking forward to seeing your threadline on your website!