Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Fat Quarter Experiment Part 6

I'm so excited to start machine quilting my little fat quarter experiment.  Here's the top:

I layered this top with two layers of batting and Funky Lime Fossil Fern backing.

Funky, right?

First I tried to stitch a simple purple line along the edge of the purple applique with my walking foot.

Look at how well that turned out!

OK, so after two tries, I really didn't like the line at all, so I fell back on ribbon candy and fell In LOVE!

I marked a line one inch from the appliqued ribbon with a ruler and a quilt marking pen:

Then I quilted all of the lines of ribbon candy using WonderFil Tutti shell cotton thread and an 80-weight DecoBob Antique White in the bobbin.

Since I consider this entire project an experiment, I didn't fail at stitching the purple line.  I learned that ribbon candy looks great when stitched on a spine!

What shall I quilt next?

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Pamela Arbour said...

You know I was trying to find that purple line! LOL I did realize without reading further that you had changed to ribbon candy. Hey, it is the best fat-free candy!

Also, I know I am very late, but I have posted a link below to my post about winning your Cutie Pattern "A La Mode" and the fabric kit. I really had fun with it. Thank you so much.