Monday, May 06, 2019

FQE part 3

I've been undertaking a design experiment.  I started with a fat quarter and a bunch of fun thread and letting the quilt grow from there.  My lines aren't perfectly straight.  Nothing is measured and centered.  I'm PLAYING instead of STRESSING.

This week I pulled out some lovely Lemon Balm Fossil Fern fabric, some 1" paper circles, Icy Lemon InvisiFil threadapplique pins, and a straw needle and set to work.  I find the only way I can get beautifully round circles is to applique around a foundation; needle-turn applique just doesn't get that same perfectly crisp circle for some reason.

This is my "watch Marvel movies with my husband" hand work project at night.  I prop my feet up on my tuffet, throw a pillow in my lap, and stitch away while the fate of the universe is decided.

The fate of the universe is still up in the air, but this week's addition to the fat quarter experiment is finished.

What shall I do next?  More applique?  Start quilting?
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