Saturday, July 05, 2014

Hotel Tour of 2014 -- Night 62

Cheers from Birmingham, England!

I watched a few movies during my flight from NYC to Amsterdam.  Divergent was ok if you liked the book but, since I have read the book, I don't know if it could hold up on its own.  Pompeii can be summed up in a single sentence:  "Run for your lives."  If I was forced to add another sentence, it would be "Kiefer Sutherland has the worst accent since Kevin Costner in Robin Hood."

The rest of the trip was as expected:  lines, exhaustion, more lines, passport control, luggage, etc, except there was one small mishap:

One entire wheel ripped off -- including all fabric and suitcase material.   Man Down!  I will limp this poor suitcase home and then I will go luggage shopping... again.

After checking into our hotel, napping, and showering, we took a walk to see what our part of Birmingham looked like.  My opinion?  Cute as a button!

I expected to see:

But I also saw this:

We stopped and ate some meat for dinner:

After dinner we found a grocery:

Not Talenti but still mmmmmmmmmmmmmm anyway.

We found the quilt shop:  The Cotton Patch:

I look forward to meeting their students on Monday morning!

Now for the hotel:  It had the cool keycard power system:

I desperately want one of these in my house!  For those who have never seen this, when you leave the room and take your keycard with you, it shuts off power to the room.  BRILLIANT!

The other cool hotel detail was the bathroom sink.  When I first used the sink, it was plugged:

I looked for the lever but couldn't find one.  In desperation, I poked at the drain:


The best part of the room was the 4-hour mid-day nap.  I'm hoping for a great night of sleep tonight so I can be wide awake and on top of the world for my classes!


kaysee said...

Have a good night's sleep! Enjoy your time in England!

Kati from Kati's Quilting said...

Looks like a cool hotel! Hope the bed is comfy! :) Enjoy your stay!