Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hotel Tour of 2014 -- night 67

Another great day in the UK!

After receiving much advice from my students on the proper way to eat a crumpet, I started my day with tea and a hot buttered crumpet:

Much, MUCH better than yesterday's Marmite!

Class today was So. Much. Fun!!!  For the morning half of my Mark My Words class, students chose a word or phrase and then stitched it out with blended-thread free-motion embroidery.  

They were rewarded for their hard work with tarts:

I ate a chocolate tart (obviously!) and it was wonderful.  I would never own up to eating two tarts so I will only pass on the rumor that the orange tarts were also swoon-worthy!

After the delicious lunch, my students created background designs that enhanced their word or phrase.  Today's students were MARVELOUS!!!!

One quilt said:

This quilt referenced the TV show Inspector Morse.

Another quilt read:

This phrase is a private family joke.

Another quilt quotes:

The background will be quilted with clock motifs, moon phases, and other timely motifs.

Another quilt says:

This student apparently has a hobby in addition to quilting!

Another quilt reads:

This is written in Welsh.  I spent my afternoon trying to correctly pronounce the ending sound of "bach."  I don't think that my mouth was meant to speak Welsh.

A quilt teacher's life is a case of "Water, water, every where; Nor any drop to drink."  We teach about quilting, watch stuents quilt, look at quilts, think about quilts, but rarely do we actually GET TO QUILT!  My students were hard at work and I was trying to keep out of their way, so I found a spare Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen and did a little stitching of my own.  

I photographed a chair from a recent hotel room and have been dying to quilt something based on the fabric design:

How would you turn that into a quilting pattern?

Here's how I saw it:

I look forward to getting back to my studio and playing with this design some more!

I am resting tonight, preparing for my final day of classes at The Cotton Patch.  I've had so much fun that I'm sad to see the week end!  


Doreen Auger said...

Love all the students' work....and yours is a wonderful 'take' on the upholstery fabric!!!! I feel the same way when leading a workshop....all that stitching so close and they are doing it not you!!!! Not a good situation for those who share the "addiction"!!!!! LOL!!!!

Heatherquilts said...

Thanks for a great blog. I love reading about what you have been up to. Would you mind if I used your idea? The bottom two circles are what I would like to do in a line on a circle quilt I have made. I had the line of circles drawn but wasn't sure how to fill them and this would work perfectly.