Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wild Wineberries

I have wild wineberries in my yard.  They are BEAUTIFUL!

They are scratchy!

They are plentiful:

They are delicious!

I picked a bunch the other day and decided to make sorbet. 

I started with sugar syrup (1 c water + 1 c sugar):

and a quart of wineberries:

I pureed them:

Strained them:

and processed the entire mess through the sorbet maker.  I wasn't thrilled with the consistency.  It's kind of icy.  

Not willing to waste good berry ice, I decided to scrape some frozen berry into the bottom of a glass:

Fill the glass with sparkling water:

Stir, and enjoy a fresh wineberry soda. 


So what will I do with the rest of the berries in my yard?  

I will eat these:

With a tablespoon or two of this over top:

I love summer food!


The Domestic Fringe said...

Those berries look SO yummy!!! I love berries. We're going to go blueberry picking very soon.

Sarah said...

I've never heard of wine berries. They look delicious!