Friday, July 11, 2008

Finished by Friday

We're debating the name of this quilt.

Un-calmness. Zany. That Quilt With The Veggie Tales Fabric.

It's finished, whatever it's name is:

And close-ups of the quilting:

I've never done a straight-line meander before and it was really fun. The quilt is kind of stiff, though. The thread was 30-weight and thick, and I used a lot of it! I'm sure I'll use this quilting pattern again, but probably not for a baby quilt. I like them to be more drape-y.

For the rest of the details:

size: 60 x 60 inches
fabric: ALL FROM STASH!!! 144 5-inch squares from my scrap box
batting: Mountain Mist White Rose
thread: Perfect Quilter 085 (sunrays) in top; Perma-Core 43402 (sunlight) in bobbin

And it was finished by Friday!

My dear nurse friend had a 30th birthday a while ago. I finally finished her present:

I used the Ashley bag pattern again. The pattern calls for 2-inch strips, but I took some wonderful black Asian-print fabric and put it on the Pro-Stitcher with some Glitter thread and this is what happened:

The flash washed the color out a bit. The fabric is truly black, and the thread is black with gray/blue tones. The quilting pattern is called Pipeline, I think.

I am completely thrilled with this bag and might have to make another one for myself someday.

My son is a music student at college. Since he's going into his senior year, it's well past time he had some themed pillow cases:

This is the first of several. It's amazing the fabric you find when you clean out the dining sewing room.
Off to sew and see what I can finish by next Friday!!!!


Unknown said...

Is this the same pattern as your brown bag that you had in Utah?

Unknown said...

Did you get my Round Robin? I have misplaced your address. I asked for it on the BOBS site, but you haven't checked in lately... now I know why. I am ready to send you Meredyth's RR quilt. Can you please post it on the BOBS site? Thanks,