Thursday, July 03, 2008

So this is the dining room?

My husband bought me patio table for my birthday. My birthday is before Mother's Day. After endless days of too hot, too rainy, too humid..... we finally got to eat outside. It was delightful.

My I'd-much-prefer-to-be-inside-thankyouverymuch cats were locked outside with us. After a half hour of cringing in the corners, they almost relaxed for a minute.

Looking at these photos makes me realize just how far from magazine perfect my house and yard are. I live in the woods, so my house is much closer to 'Outdoor Life' than it is to 'Better Homes and Gardens'. I know that, but sometimes I want the 'House Beautiful' version. Bathrooms that aren't Harvest Gold, Avocado, or Robin's Egg Blue. Windows that don't fall down and smash your hand (that would be my hand and yes, it hurts). A perfectly manicured lawn that someone else takes care of. And much, much more.



Quilting Progress: I finished piecing the blocks for TQTSNBP #4. I also cut up scrap fabric for an hour. Barely made a dent.

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