Saturday, July 12, 2008

Quilt Tour

I have a confession: I'm absolutely worthless when it comes to decorating my house. There, I've said it. Fortunately there's help.

When we bought our living room furniture 3 years ago, it looked like someone just unloaded it in the room. I was hoping for that cozy and warm look. It didn't happen. Then I met Marcy.

She came in and arranged my furniture. I let her look through every room and closet in the house (gasp!) so she could decorate using what I already own. When she found this:
she went nuts. She literally grabbed it off the hallway wall and it is featured in the living room now. It is an old Thimbleberries Club quilt.
For the rest of the room, Marcy found some lamps, bunches of candles, a floor lamp, another quilt, a Redoute print, a Gunthart print, some baskets, framed photos, and some candle sconces. She pulled things together quite nicely and then suggested I get some tables. I've added a few other things since then, but it was much easier when I knew where I was headed instead of "here's some furniture in a big empty room ..... go and decorate it".
I've enjoyed my living room for the last three years, but my husband is now making noise about changing things around. You see, we have a Wii and he thinks we could have more room to jump around if the furniture were arranged differently. I'll let him give it a shot, but I'm looking up Marcy's number just in case we need a little help.
For the curious, I think I paid Marcy $100 for her services. She arranged my living room and another room for that price. It was a Christmas present to myself.



LOVE YOUR QUILT! do you remember how old it was? where the pattern is/was?
THANKS--Another Thimbleberries lover.
ps-I have blogger set to alert me when one comments about Thimbleberries! That is how I found you!

* * Kristie * * said...

Hi Debby! I'm happy to have found your blog! (The word 'thimbleberries' did the trick.) I managed to make it to TB Club at Quilt Basket in June, and hope to get there for July's meeting. Hope to see you again soon!