Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Finish -- John's quilt

My daughter is friends with triplets so I got to make three graduation quilts.

One for Katie.

One for Mikey.

And one for John:

John likes purple. A lot.

Last year my daughter asked for 10 graduation quilts, and this is number ten. I am done!!!


Diane said...

I'm liking that quilt alot. Love the swirly quilting. I am amazed at the amount of quilts you make/finish.

Scarlett Burroughs said...

I love this final quilt so much, would love to see the others.

I linked to it here

Warm regards,
Scarlett Burroughs
Quilting Editor, Craft Gossip

Linda said...

What a good mummy you are! I doubt that I would make 10 quilts for my daughter's friends--even though I love my daughter to bits!
Beautiful purple quilt.
Lurking Linda

Marlublu said...

Wow what a gorgeous quilt. You're a very generous person to give away 10 quilts. I hope the graduates appreciate all your hard work.

Linda Stoll said...

... mmm ... I'm trying to figure out when you find the time to do everything you do!


Susan said...

Love, love, love a good disapearing nine-patch! It looks great and what a sweet thing to do. Getting a quilt means so much!