Thursday, April 29, 2010

How I Spent My Summer Vacation (money)

I love spring! This winter we had a flood, a terrible snowstorm, an even worse ice/snowstorm, and another flood. This was in addition to a regular New York winter. We took some damage to a car and lost a bunch of trees. The ice storm damaged the remaining trees so badly that we'll have many more falling for the rest of the year. At the front of our property, part of a very large tree fell onto the road last month. The remaining part of the tree was split and was just waiting to fall.

We made the very exciting decision to have the tree taken down. Who needs a summer vacation anyway?

In this photo, half of the tree is already down. As we are hauling all of that wood up the mountain to our wood pile, we're playing the "guess how many cords of wood it is" game. We figured we've hauled up 2 cords already and the log pile on the street doesn't look any smaller yet!
And as you can see, tree removal is a spectator sport in my neighborhood.

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Bonnie said...

Ugh ... until you've had to pay to have a tree or three taken out you just don't realize how expensive it is. Oh well, you can have a stay-cation as all the local news people called it last summer. At least you have the wood for next winter. I assume you heat your house with it, or at least part of the house.