Friday, April 02, 2010

Friday finish -- potholders

I am blessed. I have many wonderful people in my life. People I love a lot. I love to give them gifts, and they love the gifts they receive. They love them so much in fact, that they beg for more.

If you give a mom* a set of Christmas potholders...

... she'll want a set of snowflake potholders for January.

If you give a mom a set of snowflake potholders...

... she'll want heart potholders for February.

If you give a mom a set of heart potholders ...

... she'll want shamrock potholders for March.

If you give a mom a set of shamrock potholders ...

... she'll want Easter potholders for April.

Well, it's April.

That's a whole lot of binding. Just sayin'.
Since I was photographing my potholder drawer, here are some other homemade potholders:

Leftover watermelon fabric from another project.
BBQ fabric for June. Mom already has these.
Leftover orange/pink fabric from another project.
Zombie potholders!!!!!!! (If you aren't a Resident Evil fan, this won't make any sense.)
*the same goes for "friend", "sister", "daughter", "daughter-in-love", "mother-in-love", etc. They all collect potholders.


Diane said...

nice potholders! I have 2--that I made with the kids when they were little with those little elastic band thingy's and a weaver frame. Love those things.

Kim said...

Love mine :0)

Happy Spring!

Susan said...

I just love how Mom thinks! What a great idea, too! She'll never run out of potholders with YOU around!