Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tickled pink!

And yellow. And red. And green. And purple.....

Last week I showed you pictures of a pinwheel quilt for a special little girl.

Lydia received her quilt and her grandma sent me a picture to share with all of you:

Celebrate with us! For details on Lydia's surgery and recovery, check out her grandma's blog.


Linda Stoll said...

Looks like we're posting at the same time!!

Check out "Debby's Quilt" on the Creekside blog!


Kim said...

Wow......she looks so happy....what a terrific gift and blessing added for this little angel :0)

Happy Sewing

Unknown said...

Thank you for my quilt. I love it! I got it while I was in the hospital and now it is on my bed at home.

Love, Lydia

Thank you so much for the time and love you put into making the quilt for Lydia. Your gift was such a blessing and brought us all joy during a difficult time.

~Jen Willhite (Lydia's mom)