Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Lucky Charms, Part 3

Are you ready to see the fun quilting I added to Lucky Charms this week?

I quilted all of the black and white print rectangles.

Since the prints are so busy, the quilting is not going to show up very much. I decided to quilt a simple X across each rectangle. Once again, I pulled out my Quilter's Preview Paper to see how it would look.

Once I drew all of the Xs, I noticed that they formed a channel between the rows of rectangles.

I know it is hard to see in the photo, but it will become more clear in a bit.

Never one to leave good enough alone, I decided that I wanted to quilt ribbon candy in each channel. Back to the Quilter's Preview Paper:

It is easier to see if I take the Quilter's Preview Paper off of the fabric.

I love it!

The quilting, part 3:
The thread: Spagetti, a yummy 12-weight cotton from WonderFil, color sp33 Fresh Lime
InvisiFil in the bobbin

The needle: size 20, since this is a very thick thread

I stitched in the diamonds first using the HQ Mini Ruler.

And then I filled in those channels with ribbon candy.

I love the way this quilting turned out, mostly because it was a surprise. I did not realize the Xs would form a channel. I was also surprised that when I quilted the ribbon candy, the diamonds popped off the quilt.

Next week I will tackle the white border. Come back and check it out!


Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

Well done! I think the idea of all over stippling (ZZZZZZZZ...) does a huge disservice to a quilt. Quilting DOES show, it is the basic reflection of dark and light.
What doesn't show is stippling so piecer And quilter are done wrong...

Again, great job! Sharyn

Kim said...

You make this look so easy....maybe I could learn this too......well that and 10,000 plus hours of practice :0)

Looks fantastic!
Happy sewing

Gail said...

As Kim said, you make this look so easy. I love the look you're getting and that you are sharing your process with us all.
I'm looking forward to hearing your inner secrets on ribbon candy quilting at MQX.
Thanks, Debbie.