Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lucky Charms Quilting, part 6

Can you believe we are on week six of the Lucky Charms quilt already?

I was honored to meet up with Pat Sloan at the Empire Quilt Guild Show in New York City this weekend. We were able to chat for a few minutes and get a quick photo taken.

So now I can show you how I quilted the green border on the quilt designed by the lovely and talented Pat Sloan!

First, I sectioned the border into 4-inch segments using chalk. Then I pulled out my Quilter's Preview Paper. I drew one swag in each section of the border. I had a petal idea for the corner and needed to see if it played well with the swags.

It did. I like when I get lucky with the first design. Now I am ready to quilt.

The thread:

Tutti, a 50-weight multi-color cotton from WonderFil, color TU 28 Lime.
InvisiFil in the bobbin

The tools:

Handi Quilter 4" Swag Templates

Handi Quilter Half-Circle Templates

Handi QuilterMini Scallop Ruler

Step 1: The Swag.

Step 2: The Corner.

Step Three: The background.

The finished border:

Doesn't that look great?

Last week, Barbara commented that she used the diamond design on one of her quilts. Has anyone else stitched these designs out? I would love to hear your success stories!

Next week I will show you how to quilt the black triangles.

If you have not seen the earlier videos, check them out:


~Kristie said...

Debby - thanks for showing how you do the parallel lines in the border. There's a feather border I want to quilt with lines in the background, and I always thought I'd have to stitch down, retrace part of the feather and then move back over. Your way makes so much sense! Thanks again :) ~Kristie from TB Club

Kim said...

Great those big happy quilter smiles!

Happy Sewing

Jules said...

As a new Fusion owner, I really am loving your videos! I did the scroll back & forth like you did on the narrow orange border on a quilt. Mine aren't as nice as yours but it was just a practice quilt and it is for me. :)

Unknown said...

Really enjoyed your videos Debby ... great use of the templates.