Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lucky Charms Quilting, part 4

Thanks for stopping by today. I absolutely can not wait to show you how I quilted the white border on my Lucky Charms quilt!

I knew I wanted to quilt diamonds, so I pounced one-inch lines in the border using a one-inch stencil and a Quilter's Pounce Pad.

The white powder does not show up very well on the white fabric, but I can see the marks on the green and orange fabrics quite well.

I pulled out my roll of Quilter's Preview Paper to see how single diamonds would look on the side border. I drew double diamonds in the top border. I think I like the double diamonds better.

Don't you?

Diamonds don not turn corners very well. Choosing a contrasting design, I drew a sunburst-type design in the corner. I think I like that one, too.

I am ready to quilt!

The quilting, part 4:

The thread:

I decided to be bold and try quilting with a colored thread on the white fabric. I chose Tutti, a 50-weight multi-color cotton from WonderFil, color TU 28 Lime.

Even though the thread has several shades of bright green in it, it looks almost solid against the white fabric. When I look at the quilting closely, though, I can see the richness of color in the thread. Delightful!

InvisiFil in the bobbin

The needle: size 16

I quilted the first pass of the double-diamond pattern:

Then I quilted the second pass of the double-diamond pattern:

Finally, the corner design:

The white border is finished!

Doesn't it look great?

Is anyone trying out these patterns at home? I would love to hear how the patterns are being used! Link to photos if you have them, please!

Sadly, I have to wait until next week to show how to quilt the little green triangles around the black and white rectangles.


Unknown said...

Beautiful videos of beautiful work. Very interesting to see! Thanks, Ray Pool.

Unknown said...

These videos are great - they are short and get the point across. makes me want to stitch some diamonds!

Leslie's Itchin to be Stitchin said...

What great videos, I had bought the plastic templates some time ago, but they are still in a drawer. You inspire me to get them out and use them. The diamond tutorial is great, Thank you!

Kim said...

I just get mesmerized watching these videos and ponder my ability to try make me want to try it that is for certain. If I do you'll be the first to know!

Keep up the good work,
Happy Sewing

Gail said...

You sure do make it look easy! I love the videos. Thanks for sharing you lovely work with us all.