Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Lucky Charms Quilting: part 2

Hurray! Today I get to show you how I quilted the orange borders on my Lucky Charms quilt.

I thought about quilting swirls. Since the border finishes at one inch, I used a one-inch stencil and a Quilter's Pounce Pad to divide the border into one-inch squares.

I thought that it would look nice if I quilted a swirl in each square, but I like to be certain before I start quilting. I pulled out a roll of Quilter's Preview Paper and drew out the design.

Yep, I like it. Ready to quilt?

The quilting, part 2:

The thread: Spotlight from WonderFil, color 7713 Light Rust, InvisiFil in the bobbin
The needle: size 16

Isn't that thread gorgeous?

I quilted all of the orange borders with swirls. Here's a photo of part of the quilt:

Next week, I will quilt the black and white rectangles.

I can not wait!


grendelskin said...

Suh-WEET! Someday I'm going to make the drive and let you teach me to do some of this magic!

QuilterMary said...

Hey there! So glad I found your blog. The orange quilting looks great - haven't used my grids in a LONG time... should really get them out. THanks for the inspiration.

Michelle said...

Your swirls look great! Thanks for sharing the information.

Jules said...

Love this!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tutorial - It's great to gleam new ideas of how to do things!

Darx said...

Soooo cool!