Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Stash Report

fabric purchased this week: 0 yards
fabric purchased this year: 12.25 yards
fabric used this week: 11.25 yards
fabric used this year: 96.75 yards

Stash reduced by: 84.5 yards

Head on over to Judy's blog to see how everyone else is doing.


Barb in Mi said...

Wow, you sure have a great sewing week and report! Over 80 yards used and it is only mid March. You go, girl!

Kate said...

Almost to 100 yards and not even a quarter of the way through the year. Pretty impressive!

Judy D in AZ said...

Thanks for the videos, I haven't attempted to quilt my own quilts in quite a while and I'm ready to try again. Your videos are very helpful.