Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hot off the Presses!

Have you seen the latest issue of Fat Quarterly? I just did and had to run straight to my sewing machine to make one of the projects -- the Spool Block Makeover by John Kubiniec. (hint: it is on page 81).

John's pattern was for a quilt, but my schedule today didn't permit for that big of an impulse-sew (is that a real thing?). I decided to make a placemat instead. My mom, she-who-can-never-have-enough-taberunners, has decided that she can not have enough placemats, either. OK, Mom, I got the hint. I decided to put a section of the border on one side of the block to make the placemat.

Is this not a great block? Will it not be a cute placemat?

Run to your computer and buy the Fat Quarterly, then run to your sewing machine and make this block. It is too cute to resist!


Diane said...

that is really cute!

Unknown said...

Debby - great interpretation of the block and adaptation of the pattern!