Monday, January 30, 2012

Just in Time

Several years ago at Quilt Festival, the Handi Quilter booth was across from the Cherrywood Fabrics booth. I wanted one of everything that I saw! That was one expensive quilt show for me. If you haven't seen (or touched!) Cherrywood Fabrics, then you haven't lived.

I bought as much fabric as my luggage could hold.

Recently, I was invited to a party and wanted to wear something different than my one black dress. I chose to wear my one black dress with a new colorful wrap made out of Cherrywood fabrics:

I finished this wrap at 6pm and had to leave for the party at 7pm. Why was I worried?


Unknown said...

Nice wrap! Can we see the whole wrap?

Nancy JM said...

That color is gorgeous on you! You and your time crunches...crack me up! Done at 6pm, had to leave at 7pm..sounds like you had PLENTY of time!

Kati said...

Debby, I love those rusty colors and they do look good on you! You look really pretty and it spiced up the outfit. Good idea!

Helen in the UK said...

Great colours that REALLY suit you! Finished with time to spare - perfect :)