Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hotel Tour of 2014 -- night 59

I was at Bits N Pieces in Pelham, NH today.  Teaching at this shop is like coming home -- some of my favorite people are here!

I was set up this morning and waiting for my students to arrive:

That was the last chance I had all day to take a photo!  I do have to mention that there was a little battle to see who would receive the Hello Kitty ring rewards during class.  One talented student took home TWO rings; she was just that brilliant!

I'm tucked back in my hotel room now.  I wanted to be sure to tell Patricia (who was concerned that I ate high-calorie chocolate cake last night) that I had a salad for lunch.  I feel so righteous now!  Helen, don't tell her that you brought me my very own chocolate cake, OK?  It's our little secret.  Thanks!  and Yum!

So, about the hotel room.  All was quiet last night.  The parking lot party didn't turn into anything and I had a great night sleep in my comfy hotel bed:

Have you noticed that most of the hotel rooms I stay in have a hand-made quilt on the bed.  Weird, right?

Look next to the bed for something else weird:

An outlet!  And it's empty!

If that wasn't enough power for this "I watch Netflix from bed" gal, there were two more plugs on the nightstand.

I am charging my wireless headphones and my Kindle and officially moving here.

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