Thursday, July 14, 2016

My Modern Penny Mat

Confession:  I am a cross-crafter.  In addition to quilting, I knit, crochet, embroider, cross-stitch, sew garments, and participate in too many other hobbies to remember them all.  The shorter list is one of the hobbies I've avoided thus far.  I do not:
  • tat
  • do crewel-work
  • applique with wool
  • dye fabric
Since my job means that I basically go to quilt shows for a living, avoiding these hobbies has been difficult.  I walk by the wool booths and the Pro-Chem Dye booth at shows with my face covered, just so I won't be tempted the fall deeply in love with another hobby.

Recently, the folks at Grab N Go Kits trapped me, held me hostage, and made me start a wool applique project.  THE HORROR!  Once my fingers touched the wool, floss, and needle I was doomed for life.  Here's my finished Penny Mat:

(This kit is due to be released in September, but check out their current kits HERE)

My fingers are not itching from the wool, but they are itching to be stitching again!  Yet another "I've never tried this" hobby has been struck from my increasingly short list.


sunny said...

Wool applique is great! I'm glad you gave in (were forced in). Will I be seeing you in Hershey next week?

Barbara Larsen said...

If you like the feel of wool on your hands you must try rug hooking. Add it to your not tried yet list of hobbies.