Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Quilting with Rulers and Marking a White Sashing

I'm quilting a future possible Cutie Quilt pattern and this pattern has an odd-shaped sashing.  I'm treating myself by using Victoria Findlay Wolfe's Mostly Manor fabrics in this test quilt.  I usually use scraps in case I don't like the pattern, but using yummy fabrics makes pattern testing such a joy!  I  am spending a lot of time petting this quilt while I'm quilting it.

The sashing fabric is white and I marked it with my Bohin Chalk Pencil:

Can you see the markings?  No?  Well, let me turn on an ultra-violet light:

Cool, huh? I am quilting on my Handi Quilter Fusion and the UV lights are a feature.

It's time to quilt.  I grabbed my Handi Quilter Mini Scallop Ruler and started quilting from the middle to the point, all the way around the sashing:

I formed a diamond:

Can you see how the white thread is showing up against the white fabric?  Another fun feature of quilting under UV light.

Next I grabbed my Handi Quilter Right Angle Ruler and used the markings to help me stitch a diamond inside of the diamond:

Do you see anything missing here?

Like ribbon candy?

Since I am using my stitched lines as markings, I no longer need the UV light so I turned it off.

The ribbon candy is stitched all along the edge of the sashing, acting like stitch in the ditch without actually having to stitch in the ditch.  You say lazy; I say efficient.  Tomato, to-mah-to.

That unquilted diamond in the center of the sashing looks a little lonely.  I need to add some quilting:

I don't need to mark where I want to quilt because I can use the lines on the Right Angle Ruler as guidelines.

Perfect inner diamond inside the inner diamond.  No marking required!

You know what's coming next, don't you?  MORE RIBBON CANDY!

I like this design, I think.  I love trying new things when I quilt.  Sometimes they are the best thing since sliced bread; other times they aren't ideal.  Sometimes it takes a while to decide.  Any way, the quilt is quilted and I always learn something!

Now that I'm committed, I have to quilt this design in 70 more sashings!

Because you were going to ask: I will wash this quilt when finished and those chalk marks will go away.

Because you were also going to ask this: Yes, I will definitely show you pictures of the finished quilt when the powers that be (the Cutie Quilt Pattern people) decide what we're doing with this pattern, if anything.

Happy Quilting!


Linda Gosselin said...

Debby, I love the sash quilting! I can't wait for this Cutie pattern to be released!

Big Rig John said...

Love how you divided it up and quilted it.

Ms. Jan said...

This is awesome!!

Cathie Zimmerman said...

Wonderful tutorial Debby! I love how you make the rulers do the placement without marking.