Friday, September 23, 2016

I Did It Again!

I love to see co-ordinating fabric scraps.  When they are all pretty and stacked neatly together after I finish a project, they practically BEG me to make something with them.  Who am I to turn down a request from oh-so-pretty fabric?

I took scraps from a recent project and turned them into this beautiful pouch:

I used Lori Holt's tutorial to make yet another yummy zippered pouch with the leftovers from my nephew's wedding quilt:

As I mentioned in this post, I picked these fabrics because they match my Be Cool FabuLux thread.  See:

Do you make projects with the leftovers from other projects, or is it just me?

1 comment:

Laurel Strand said...

Yes, I make quilt tops from leftover fabric. Here is my latest.