Friday, September 02, 2016

Quilty Zip Bag -- from leftovers

It is an understatement to say that my sewing room overwhelms me.  I have so So SO many projects in here and even finishing them doesn't seem to lessen the overwhelm.  Every project leaves scraps and they overwhelm me, too.  I'm trying to finish my scraps as I finish each project.  I'm not 100% successful, but I'm willing to try anything to have peace in my sewing room!

I recently showed a few pics on FaceBook and InstaGram of a pattern I'm designing.  I can usually design in EQ7 or on paper, but this quilt was being ornery and I needed to grab some fabric to see if it worked.  I grabbed a bunch of somewhat coordinating scraps, sliced, sewed, and was (I hope) successful!  The quilt is finished but the pattern is still in process.  

I took the leftovers from this rather dark and drab scrappy quilt and made a Quilty Zip Bag which I have made before and officially nicknamed "The Cutest Pouch Pattern Ever."

Even in drab colors, this pouch is ADORABLE!

I can only show a sneak peek of the quilt that gave birth to this pouch:

Sadly, I still have some scraps leftover.  Any suggestions on what to make from this pile of bits?

I might just cry "Uncle" and throw these in the scrap bin.

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