Friday, September 30, 2016

Twice Blessed

If you haven't noticed, I love to quilt.  As in "If you told me that I could do anything in the world for the next hour, I would choose to quilt."

I recently dug into my 1 1/2" strip bucket of scraps, pulled out my Wedding Quilt pattern, and listened to a good book while quilting.

This happened:

I was playing with colored thread on the black fabric.  This time I chose Midas Touch FabuLux.  I liked it in some ways, but in other ways I thought it fought against the quilt just a little.

Making this quilt was a gift for me.  I enjoyed digging through my scraps, remembering where each piece came from (or sometimes saying "I have absolutely no idea where this came from!".  I enjoyed piecing these long pieces on my sweet new Handi Quilter Stitch 510, a machine I love more than should be legal.  I loved quilting ribbon candy -- lots and lots of ribbon candy -- in every single sashing strip.  I adored watching the thread color and pattern show up on the black fabric.  This quilt was a total gift to me, until it came time to hand-stitch the scrappy brown binding.  I had to pull out my diversion tactics and say "Honey, do you have a movie you want to watch tonight?" He did, and I bound the quilt while spending a little time with my husband.

After the quilt had been a gift to me, it was time to make it a second gift and give it away.  My two go-to charities are my local Children's Home and Quilts Of Valor but then I remembered a sweet couple from my church who are both going through some health challenges right now.  This quilt has found its forever home.

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