Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Cutie Quilt: Share and Share Alike

I have been playing with my walking foot on my home machine lately so I pulled out some Country Days fabric from Heidi Boyd (affiliate link*) and pieced a Share and Share Alike Cutie Quilt just so I could quilt it.  That's perfectly normal, right?  Lie to me.

The farm animals and crops on this fabric make me want to live on a farm (or at least buy more of this fabric).   And they make me want to quilt carrots.  Oh how I wish I were kidding about that.

I've always been intrigued by quilting spirals.  Fortunately, the fabulous Pat Sloan taught me how to quilt a spiral with my walking foot in her Teach Me to Machine Quilt book! (affiliate link*)

I threaded Hedwig, my HQ Stitch 710 machine, with my FabuLux Rocking Horse thread

and started quilting my spiral.  This thread color is my secret weapon.  It seems to blend with everything, but it would be more precise to say that it has blended with everything I've tried it on thus far.

This quilt is now bound and in my giveaway pile, but I'm not sure who shall receive it.  When the right person comes along, this quilt will be waiting for them!

Yesterday was day one of thirty-three days at home.  I am more excited than I can possibly express to be home for 33 straight days!  During that time I'm trying to find my cutting table.  It may take all 33 days, but I'm committed to the task.

I am working on On Ringo Lake and stitching up the scraps from my table into little Strippy Charm Pouches

Maybe if I make 1,000 pouches, my sewing table will be cleared off?
*If you purchase something using an affiliate link I may, at no additional cost to you, receive a small commission to help keep the quilty love flowing.

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Pamela Arbour said...

That was a very good reason to start a new quilt! Maybe you could keep track of those pouches by number in your Quilters' Planner next year and see how many you can make and if it would really clean up your space. Between that and postcards, I'll bet you still have a ton of stash leftover! That is just how it is.