Sunday, December 03, 2017

Florida Wildlife

I am flying home from teaching at Tomorrow's Treasures in Ocala, FL today.  I am a bit nervous about these flights, though.  I was packing my luggage this morning and noticed a few specimens of Florida wildlife smuggled themselves into my suitcase and I'm worried about what TSA will do!

Thanks so much Susan!!!

The porcupine and owl will each hold bobbins, scissors, and pins on the side of a sewing machine.  I think that one will live on Errol at home and the other will live on Hedwig at home and travel with Pigwidgeon when we travel.

If they don't violate the wildlife regulations of the airlines.


Doreen Auger said...

Safe travels, my friend! The holiday business is in full swing here and secret stitchings abound! 'Time management' seems to be the current challenge: sorting through all the uber fun events on the horizon. Luv your new "friends"!!!

Kerry said...

Oooh they are so cute! I'm sure the authorities would be jealous when they discover them.

Have fun.

Vireya said...

What little cuties! I hope you got them home safely.

Margee Styles said...

I had sooooo much fun learning more new techniques(and helping Susan / Ken go on another cruise!!!!!) I'm sure the TSA allowed those adorable little creatures onto the plane. However, did the Newark authorities allow you to disembark??? :)