Sunday, June 29, 2008

Caffeine Withdrawal Rocks!

This is about the 10th time I've had to withdraw from caffeine. Each time I swear it will be the last.

May the headache end soon and may I not be stupid enough to get hooked on caffeine yet again.

If anyone needs me, I'll be resting in a dark room.


My quilting progress today was interrupted by my incredible headache. I did manage to finish binding an old class sample, though.

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Bobbie Bentneedle said...

Not to suggest that you get back on the stuff, but maybe a gradual withdrawal would be less painful. I've heard lots of suggestions of mixing "regular" and "unleaded" half and half, and brewing that for a couple of weeks, then increasing to 75% decaf for a couple. Can't say how it works because... well, I remember the headache from the only time I ever went 'Cold Turkey' off caffeine! Good luck