Friday, June 20, 2008

What to do with a sore ankle?

I just received an email from my dear friend asking where on earth I've been hiding lately. I told her I was nursing a sore ankle and she actually laughed at me.

I am a high-volume longarm quilter. I work every day. Every. Single. Day. That's normal for me. Sometimes things get even busier than that. In those cases, I joke with my friend that I'm chained to my longarm machine. Hence the sore ankle.

After several days of 12+ hours quilting, I pulled a 25-hour quilting marathon this Wednesday/Thursday. I try and avoid that whenever possible, but the photographer was waiting for the quilt. After a wake-me-up shower, I delivered quilts and taught a class. Then I collapsed and spent 16 hours blissfully unaware of the world in my cushy, comfy bed, under one of my wonderful summer-weight quilts. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Once I was rested and fed, I returned 18 phone calls (yikes!), worked on paperwork, and did some end-of-school celebrating with my daughter (one year left!).

Now I'm bored. I could clean, but I probably won't. I could cook, but my husband started dinner in the crock pot this morning while I was still unconscious (no, you cannot have him). I could start another customer quilt, but my sore ankle........

My son is coming home from college tomorrow and bringing a friend. I could spend tonight cleaning the dining room, I guess, to make it look nice for company. Since I have 2 longarm machines in my sewing room, I sew in the dining room. Cleaning might look a whole lot like piecing a scrap quilt. It'll make it feel cleaner, at least. I think I'm not bored anymore.

Off to sew!

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