Friday, June 20, 2008

Happiness is....

... Piecing.

I dove into the messy dining room after dinner tonight. I cleaned a little. I pieced a little. I listened to a book on my MP3 player. It was wonderful.

My 1.5-inch scrap bin is overflowing so I've been working on whittling that down. I've made a quilt like this before. I think one of my son's roommates has it. It uses tons of strips and the simplest quilting finishes it nicely.

I also finished piecing a 4-patch scrap quilt. I've probably make 15 of these quilts over the years. Usually they are made from my 2-inch square scrap box. Sometimes I make them with 1.5-inch squares in a nine-patch. In the past I've used a consistent beige and am using scrappy off-whites lately. I think I have three of these tops done now, waiting to be quilted. Several of my son's college friends have these quilts. They randomly pull them out to show Kevin their new favorite fabric. "Look, there's a chicken on this piece." It's so great to know that the quilts are loved.

Tomorrow I'm teaching all day, but it's not too far away so I'll get to sleep at home. Then I get to see my boy!!!!! I miss him a lot when he's gone, and it's always wonderful to see the man he's becoming. I'm not sure how I could be prouder of him (but I'll probably give it a try).

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