Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Quilt Pix

I am a gal who loves to nap. Well, I used to love to nap. Now naps are mostly a fond memory. One of the earlier quilts I made was a red/white/black nap quilt for myself. It's lived on the sofa for several years. It's traveled with me to many hotel rooms. I love that quilt.

Over the winter I saw P&Bs Pop Parade fabric line and thought it would be the perfect Nap Quilt II. I pieced and quilted it and let it hang as a sample in the local quilt shop for a while. It's been part of my teaching trunk show and now it's bound and ready to be used.

Today I was quilting by 6am. I stopped for the day shortly after noon and decided on this very rainy afternoon that it was time for the maiden voyage of the Nap Quilt.

Darkened living room... check. XFiles season 1 on the DVD player... check. Nap QuiltII ... check. Cue eerie theme from the television. Ready, set, ...... phone rings. I answered and was fairly abrupt with the caller. Rewind dvd. Ready, set, nap .... for 10 minutes. Then the phone rang again and I had to get up and have a long job-related conversation.
But for 10 entire minutes, I napped. It was glorious.
Here's the quilt:
The pattern is called Splash. The pattern uses 2.5-inch strips of fabric and looks completely different depending on the fabrics selected.
Please ignore the laundry pole. In addition to naps, I love to hang laundry. It's the simple things in life, really.
Here's a closeup of the quilting. The continuous curve is freehand and therefore not perfect. I
love it anyway. It's PINK!
And here's the back:
The quilt shop didn't have enough yardage of any one fabric for a back, so I picked four brown and pink fabrics and like it even better this way!
May your life be filled with quilts and naps.

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Marion said...

Hello Debbie,

Your quilt is gorgeous! I like the stars you have made in the brown patches.

Thanks for the idea. Perhaps I 'll make it sometimes.