Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Argyle Bag Tutorial, part 4

Here's where we left off last week:

The diamonds are filled with contrasting color, but they don't quite pop. We're going to fix that this week.


Top Thread: Spagetti from WonderFil (12 weight Egyptian cotton)
Bobbin Thread: InvisiFil from WonderFil
Needle size: 20, since I'm using a very thick thread
Stitches per inch: 11

I will be using a ruler again this week, so my Ruler Base is on for safety!

Using Turquoise thread (Tiffanys!), I retraced the lines I stitched in the first step.

The thicker thread makes the line stand out and separates the diamonds:

Tune in next Wednesday when we will finish the Argyle Bag!

1 comment:

free indeed said...

THis is quite interesting. I'll have to go to the previous posts to see how you used that ruler to help in quilting...Great eye and creativity to add the turquoise and add interest....I lack there :P