Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday finish -- another table topper for Mom!

With the wonders of technology, you might not have noticed that I was on vacation this week. In the Bahamas! Yes, please feel bad for me. It was cold there (60*F to 70*F), but nothing like New York (18*F last night when we landed).

What did I do in the Bahamas? Not much. Isn't that what vacation is all about?

I took some hand sewing to do in between meals and naps and managed to finish everything I brought with me! I've never heard of such a thing. We quilters are such over-packers, aren't we?
One of the projects I finished is a table topper for Mom. Remember how much she loves them?

It's approximately 11-inches square. I bought the kit last year when I taught at the Lancaster show from The Christmas Shoppe. They are one of my favorite vendors at all of the shows I attend. Their booth is super-cute, the people are friendly, and the patterns and kits are such a treat! This kit included the all of the felt, buttons, thread and even a tiny pair of scissors! While I was packing for my trip, I remembered this kit and thought it was perfect for vacation sewing.
I'll probably give this topper to Mom for her birthday in the spring. I feel quite safe posting it here since the only thing Mom does with Dad's computer is dust it! So, as long as none of you tell her about it, this will remain our secret.


Mary Jane Carey said...

Debby - The project looks really cute. Congratulations on getting it FINISHED! And thanks for saying such nice things about us. See you soon. Mary Jane

Christine said...

Just absolutely beautiful! You have quite the God-given talent!