Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday finish -- Gretchen's napkins

I made my daughter-in-love some placemats and napkins for her wedding shower last year. Remember?

I designed the placemat and made the napkins from the pattern Table Graces. The napkins were very nice, but very huge -- about 19 inches square!

My daughter-in-love wanted some more napkins and I said I'd make them for her birthday. I found some fabric that would match, since all of the fabrics I used 18 months ago are long gone. I designed a pattern for the napkins that gave the look of the original napkins without having to sew the mitres and position the inner square to topstitch. I also made the napkins smaller, about 14 inches square.

One finished napkin:

Compare in size to a store-bought cloth napkin:

And see how well they match the original placemat:

If you feel the need to sing "Happy Birthday" to my daughter-in-love, please know you are a few months late, just like me. I did buy the fabric before her birthday. Doesn't that count for something?

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Bonnie said...

Of course it counts. You were thinking about her on her birthday.... lovely napkins. Hum, may be a housewarming gift for son and fiance's new house.