Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mark Lipinski's Fabric Trends

I just quilted a quilt that was published in the latest issue of Mark Lipinski's Fabric Trends. Click here and scroll down to the eleventh (11th) quilt on the left. It's a large star done in all neutral fabrics called Sarah's Wedding Quilt. If the photo is too small for you to see, the magazine is available for purchase on newsstands and quilt shops. These designers (Cathy Anderson and Sue Goth) outdid themselves with another fantastic wedding quilt. I know that I have nine weddings in the next twelve months and may have to make at least one of these. Can anyone top nine weddings?


Bonnie said...

NINE? 9? Wow... I'm out of the wedding loops now. Although ds is getting married in September. so are there 9 wedding quilts in the plans? You better get busy girl!!

russek_erin said...

nine weddings sounds stressful
very beautiful quilt though

The Calico Cat said...

A friend just came back from India. November is the beginning of Wedding season in India (the end of the rainy season) & it sounded like every wedding is attended by everyone. Her tour guide said that he had 8 weddings to attend on one day! (His aunt's wedding had 3,500 guests...)