Sunday, March 29, 2015

Big Announcement?

I am nearly ready to reveal the top-secret project I've been working on in recent months.  If you've been guessing unsuccessfully, I want to give you a clue.

Hello Kitty and I had an adventure recently:

Please submit wild guesses in the comments.

(If you are one of the few who knows, please refrain for 24 more hours)


Lola Bryant said...

I know it must be quilting related, so my wild guess would be: You will be publishing a book with all your wonderful quilting designsand tips in it. (or have you already done this?)

Meg said...

You've made a Craftsy class

Barb Johnson said...

The wildest thing I can think of is that you are retiring? Nah, you are waaaaaaaaaaaaay too young for that!