Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Globetrotting: St. Louis

I am happily working on my Pat Sloan Globetrotting block of the month and this month is the block named St. Louis.

Before I quilt the block, I like to have the quilting (mostly) planned.  Here's the block:

When I started this series, I decided that I would quilt all of the blocks using four quilting designs:
  • straight lines
  • curved lines
  • swirls
  • ribbon candy
I covered my block with Quilter's Preview Paper and drew quilting designs on the paper with a Sharpie.  Note:  I did NOT draw on my quilt block.  You can breathe now.

When I looked at this block, I figured out a few places to put a few of these designs right away.  I want to quilt curved lines in the center square, straight line "V"s in the purple and white squares, and ribbon candy in the channel formed by those "V"s:

The rest of the block, however, wasn't obvious to me.  I just stared, hoping that inspiration would strike.

How about swirls in the cream triangles, pumpkin seeds in the dark green/cream half-square triangles, and straight lines in the large green triangles?

I'm not convinced that the straight lines in the light green triangles are the right choice.  What if I divided the triangles into sections and then filled the sections with ribbon candy?

Now that I see them drawn out, I definitely like choice A better than choice B, but I'm still not convinced.  I may not know what I'll choose until I actually quilt it, but at least I can start quilting the rest of the block.

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