Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Favorites -- QUILTERS!

I have belonged to my local quilt guild for about 20 years.  These delightful ladies are dear to me.  This week's speaker was the fantastic Linda Hahn.  She gave a great trunk show/lecture on Wednesday night and had scheduled an all-day workshop on Thursday.  I knew about the workshop but never signed up.  I have a lot of work to do on the rare days I am at home and I didn't want to start a new project.  Also, Thursday was my wedding anniversary.  I told all of this to my guild ladies, but did they care?  NO!  They beat me until I agreed to sign up for the workshop -- 11 hours later.

I ran home from my guild meeting and had to gather all of my supplies, pre-cut fabrics, and grab a few hours of sleep.  ZOOM!

I pulled some easy-match fabrics from my stash:

Doesn't everyone have a full bolt of Hello Kitty fabric?  No?  Odd.

I felt that I should keep up with my chosen theme, so I packed my little-used teeny-tiny sewing machine and my spill proof sippy cup:

I think I may have frightened a few other quilters, but I was in Hello Kitty heaven ALL DAY LONG!

We were piecing quilts from Linda's first book, New York Beauty: Simplified.

I finished 4 blocks of 36 and I LOVE THEM!  I can't wait to finish this quilt because it is for ME!  Mine, all mine!

I love Linda:

If you ever get a chance to take a class with Linda, jump on it.  Don't wait for your guild ladies to beat you.

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