Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Favorites

I am having a BLAST at Quilt Week in Lancaster, PA.  I really, really, really love working in the Handi Quilter booth.  I love being happy with my co-workers and the quilters.  My life is pretty perfect.

I am cleaning out my purse to get ready for the day.  It is a very small purse and holds just the essentials, but I thought I would show you my favorite essentials for a quilt show:

1.  iPhone charging cord.  No explanation necessary.

2.  Keroppi Apple Sours container.  Contains no candy, but does contain daily meds.  (The candy was yum, BTW)

3.  Hand-sanitizer.  My cold is almost gone, but not totally.  I will share almost anything with quilters, but I really don't want to share my cold.  Also, I don't want anyone else's germs.

4.  Tylenol.  If you don't know what that's for, you haven't stood on a concrete floor for hours and hours and hours.  My dogs are barking and my knees and back are making some noise, too.  I've worked at enough quilt shows to know that Tylenol is a quilt show MUST HAVE.

5.  Lip Gloss.  Have you ever talked all. day. long?  How about day after day after day?  My lips get ridiculously dry and EOS is my current fave.  Honeysuckle honeydew, specifically.

6.  Two pens.  The blue one is my absolute favorite Swarovski crystal pen that I received as a Christmas present.  It is a REALLY NICE PEN.  Very high quality.  The nicest pen I have ever owned.  But, it keeps trying to get lost.  Super-hubby has managed to find it many, many times long after I was sure it was gone for good.  I was sharing my pen love with a student at Sew Expo in Puyallup, WA last week turned and she turned me on to these bling-y pens:

Pro:  They are a rainbow of sparkly loveliness
Con:  They are not as nice as my super-nice pen
Pro:  They have a stylus for touch screens.  I need those because touch screens hate me.
Con:  Everyone who sees it wants to steal it.

Happy Friday, y'all!

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