Friday, April 11, 2014

Australasian Quilt Convention -- Day 2

Today was another dreary rainy day, but there were happy hearts at the Exhibition Center

I met this fun fella right outside:

We definitely don't have birds like this back home.

Once inside, I found unbridled joy of quilting:


These ladies work at this fun stand:

It was that busy every time I went to the show floor today.  Do they not realize that I need to buy their fabric and bring it home with me?

Once I got upstairs to my classroom, I found it was set up for "Instant Fun: Just Add Students":

The fun continued today at lunch.  Someone must have told the event organizers that quilters like chocolate"


MY students today stitched words on quilts using blended-thread free-motion embroidery.  They were so creative with the words that they chose!  Here is one of my favorite quilts in process:

My students just blew me away today.  I'm looking forward to two more wonderful days with them!

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