Thursday, April 03, 2014

Globetrotting, Block 3: Chicago (the design)

I just returned from teaching at the International Quilt Show of Dubai and am rested and ready to quilt my Chicago block from Pat Sloan's Globetrotting block of the month.  Take that, jetlag!

Here's my block:

The fabrics I chose made this block look a little washed out.  Let's see if the quilting can make this block "pop!"

So far in this quilt, I have used:
  • Curved Lines
  • Curls
  • Ribbon Candy
  • Straight Lines
I'm going to try and place these same designs in this block.

I started with curls:

_____ Globetrotting Block 1 Washington DC (in review) Globetrotting BLock 2 Venice (in review) Then I added some straight lines:

And then more straight lines plus some curved lines in the periwinkle fabric:

I added even more straight lines in the background:

But what about the ribbon candy?  Where should I put the ribbon candy?

How about in between some of the straight lines?

The block may give me a few other ideas once I start quilting it, but for now I think my design is finished.

Any thoughts?

I used Quilter's Preview Paper over the top of the block.  I drew the quilting designs using a sharpie marker.  Never once did the pen make contact with the quilt block.  You can now breathe again.
Globetrotting Block 1 Washington DC (in review)
Globetrotting Block 2 Venice (in review)

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