Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Cure For Jetlag is...

I have no idea what cures jetlag.  I'm muddling my way through, and so far handling it better than my previous trips to Australia.

My husband knows that travel is hard for me, so he surprised me by putting up my laundry line while I was away.  He knows that one of my favorite things to do is to hang laundry outside.  Yes, I am serious.

I don't think I will be hanging my clothes outside today, do you?  It is April 16 and THERE IS SNOW ON MY LAUNDRY LINE!!!  I am taking this nonsense personally.

To help recover from a late snowfall, I started to unpack my suitcases.

One of my students from last year brought me a little present from what is supposed to be the finest chocolate in Melbourne:

I would have to taste all of the chocolate in Melbourne to be sure (great job, right?), but this was definitely some awesome chocolate!

What to eat first?

My husband and I decided to destroy the Australian wildlife first.  I chose the koala:

I started at his feet.  It felt kinder, somehow.

Slowly torturing this beautiful creature, I worked my way up his body:

Until only his head remained:

I won't show any more photos.  It was pretty gruesome after this.

Thank you, kind student!  My husband and I are enjoying your thoughtful treat!

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LiahonaGirl said...

Love the chocolate bear. I would've probably started with the head.:-(

PS: The only cure for jet lag that I'm aware of is SLEEP.