Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Not a UFO -- A Spring Tablerunner

I never thought this little project was a UFO because I started and finished it the same week(gasp!), but I'm still proud to show off a finished little quilt:

The pattern was from Moda Bakeshop:  Dottie.  I have made three quilts recently from their site, and all three patterns had "issues" (also Boho Patchwork Vintage Star Quilt and Marmalade Squares (Two) Quilt!).  I am an experienced quilter and can usually calculate what has been mis-calculated.  I also quilt from stash so I just have to pull a little extra fabric when the fabric requirements are off.  I worry about the new quilters who buy a Jelly Roll, though, because they lack the experience and have no extra fabric (poor dears!).

When I saw this pattern, I wanted to make a quick spring tablerunner for my mom but thought that I'd make a larger quilt if I liked the pattern.  I didn't like it and I won't make the larger quilt.

If you make Dottie, please note that one Jelly Roll of background fabric won't be enough to make the quilt as printed.  The pattern is 5 strips short.  If, like me, you only want to make a few blocks, please cut the extra rectangles 2.5" x 4.5" instead of 1.5" x 2.5".  Also pay attention to how you are pressing your seams.  When joining the blocks, make sure that your seams are pressed to join nicely.

Happy Spring, Mom!  I hope you like your tablerunner!


Kati from Kati's Quilting said...

Isn't it weird that such a popular website like Moda bake shop has so many mistakes in several patterns? Or is it because they're free? Did you drop them an email to let them know? Too many questions? :))) It's a cute and quick table runner, lucky Mom! :)

Terry said...

That's adorable! I am going to download that one! I feel your pain sister! I recently made two things from the Bake Shop as well...a quilt, and a table runner, and both patterns had issues as well. One of them didn't give enough direction regarding how many blocks to make, it said "make a minimum of...". I made that many and didn't have enough. The second one gave some garbage instructions on ironing and explained that some of the seams were going to end up being wonky...and yes, they were. If the person had just spent a small amount of time, they could have figured out the proper ironing scheme. When I come up w/ a pattern I try to ensure I put as much thought in a possible to ensure people don't have to come up with their own solutions or figure out things on their own.....grrr

Kim said...

No replacing experience :0)
Well and that you have a natural mathematical mind.

Cute runners...does your Mom look at your blog?

Happy Sewing