Saturday, April 05, 2014

Pass the Popcorn

I returned from teaching at the quilt show in Dubai five days ago, so of course it is time to get back on a plane and fly to Australia to teach at another quilt show.  Who on earth can I blame for this ridiculous schedule?  Oh, yeah.  Me.  Before I fly out again, I want to give my movie review from my last flights.

For the first time ever, I was able to get a little sleep on an international flight.  I only watched three or four movies each way instead of my usual six or seven.

1.  Ender's Game

I read the books.  I loved the books.  I was curious how they would make the movie.  Battle School doesn't look the way that it did in my head, but I can accept their version.  I think that they did a great job of showing Ender's turmoil.  Read the book, then see the movie.

2.  Hanna

I only knew about this movie from a trailer I saw on a plane once.  I really wanted to see the movie based on those two minutes.  But, wow, did I ever not have a clue what the movie was about!  After my shock wore off, I enjoyed the movie and want to know more about what happens to Hanna.

3.  Despicable Me 2

I first saw Despicable Me at Christmas.  Yes, this last one.  Yes, I do live under a rock.  Why do you ask?  I fell in love with the movie and really enjoyed the sequel.  So much so that when I called a friend and heard music in the background, I asked if her kids were watching Despicable Me 2.  She said, "No, that would be the radio."  Oh yeah!   Radio!  They play songs on there, right?

4.  Frozen

Remember that rock I live under?  Yeah, I just saw Frozen for the first time.  I liked it, really I did, but I have no idea why the entire world has gone INSANE over this movie.  I actually watched this movie six or seven times (in parts) on the plane, between naps.  I still don't know why this is the best. movie. ever.

5.  The Way Way Back

I saw a trailer for this on an airplane a while back.  I wanted to see this because I used to drive a huge station wagon and we called the seats "the front," "the back," and "the back back."  Our name was better than "the way way back."  I also thought the movie would be a bit quirky and hopefully in a way that I liked.  Mostly I did like it, but there were very few sympathetic characters.  I'm glad I saw it, but I'm also glad I don't know most of those folks in real life.

6.  Free Birds

I watched 95% of this movie.  I fell asleep and rewound many times, but there were probably a few minutes here and there that I missed.  Despite my inattention, I still was able to follow the intricate plot twists in this animated children's movie.  It was cute.  The end.

7.  The Croods

When my children were little, they loved The Land Before Time movies.  All of them.  Over and over and over and over again.  They loved them to the point that I need therapy.  I cannot see them or hear the songs or even think of those movies without having a violent reaction.  This movie was The Land Before Time, but with cavemen.  No therapy required, but I probably won't watch it again.

I wonder which movies I will watch during my 50 hours of flights in the next 9 days.  Any "must-sees"?  How about any "avoid at all costs"?


Kati from Kati's Quilting said...

Wow! You should've stayed in Dubai, or gone to AU a few days early:) I am SO with you on Frozen! I just don't get the big craze around it. Period. Saw Ender's game, fell asleep, so I am reading the book now and will give the movie another try after I finished reading. Thanks for the reviews!

Donna said...

I must live under a bigger rock than you because I haven't heard of most those movies. My son read Ender's game for a school project. Maybe I'll read it too since we bought the book.
Have fun on your trip!

Eileen said...

Saw Captain America 1 on TV, and am now looking forward to #2. Also, I want to see The Avengers and Thor; might as well throw in Iron Man while I'm at it.
I think you'd like any of them.