Saturday, December 05, 2015

A Curated Fabric Collection

I'm spending much of my "42 Days at Home" time in my sewing room, either cleaning or stitching myself into blissful oblivion.  The stitching is fantastic, but the cleaning is quite a chore and I end up talking to myself, asking myself questions like:

Where did all of this fabric come from?
Why did I box up all of these half-done projects instead of finishing them?
Is it time for dinner already?
What quilt are these blocks supposed to make, anyway?
I wonder if super-hubby brought home dinner?
Where is the pattern for this quilt?  Why isn't it in the box with the fabric?
When will I ever finish all of these projects?
Where did all of these dust bunnies come from?
What is bigger than a dust bunny?
Are dust bunnies supposed to have fangs?
Will I ever stop sneezing?
How will I ever organize this mess?

I asked a few of these questions on FaceBook and my friend Scott Flanigan volunteered to take all of my batik fabrics off my hands for me.  He's generous like that.

I have spent days pulling everything out of my seiwng room and I gathered together all of my batik fabrics:

Yep, that's all of them.  Shipping all of  my batik fabrics to Scott wouldn't help me much, and could all be mailed inside of a Christmas card.

Apparently, I don't DO batiks.  I made a Cutie sample out of batiks once because Cathy, owner of the Cutie Pattern line, made me.

Stepping Stones:

Pattern available HERE.

Super-hubby, who replies to every "Do you like this quilt?" question with "It's fine" really liked this quilt a lot.

Him: "I really like that fabric!  I've never seen anything like that before!"
Me:  "Those are batik fabrics, and you likely won't see them ever again."

In the last week, I've touched every piece of fabric that I own and I can say with certainty that I have a curated fabric collection.    I have a lot of stripes, dots, and solids. I don't have any batiks or reproductions.  I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  I'm just saying that I've noticed.

Are there any fabrics that you don't DO?  Leave an answer and I'll read it tonight.  Today, I'll be at the quilt shop... buying more fabric.


Doreen said...

Your post/observations are hilarious ...... coming from your world; not quite so much humor when it's mine! The last time I "cleaned" up my studio I spent hours/days looking for that single item that was........................! Vowed I wouldn't do that again!!! And yes, dust bunnies DO have fangs! LOL!!!! I thought I was in "your camp" with the batiks til all at once I had need to do a "Stained Glass" quilt (pattern by Wendy Sheppard) and all of a sudden I've got them everywhere. I generally don't care to work with them but there are some mills that are ok. Not as much of the process residue remaining and they are good blenders for me. Glad you are in your "sewing bliss"!!!!!

aaaaaa said...

Going through ones stash is always an interesting process of finding stuff you didn't know you had and the occasional "what was I thinking when I Purchased this!" and yes most dust bunnies have fangs I find it best to let them be and not bother them. Happy Shopping at the LQS Finding new Fabric to add to your collection.

Mary said...

I need to be doing the same thing you are with my fabric. Hopefully I'll have time after Christmas, but it will be a BIG job. And scary - I'm sure my dust bunnies have been inviting friends over and they've stayed.
I adore batiks and the collections keeps growing. I have a pretty varied stash, but I don't do oriental fabric or those big flowery and funky modern prints.