Thursday, December 10, 2015

Bonnie Hunter Mystery, part 2

Let's start with the obvious:  I'm behind on my Allitare Mystery Quilt.  I have not managed to stay on track with the weekly clues, but I'm not giving up!

I have about 280 of the 294 triangle pairs done from week one, but I wanted to make one set of week two's assignment:

Is it just  me or do they look like Santa hats?  Some quilters have made great progress and have chosen some really fantastic color combinations.  Check them out HERE

I've been home for over two weeks, but they have been ridiculously crazy weeks.  Hopefully this next week will be a mite calmer and I'll get caught up.  Hahahahaha!  Gasp.  Hahahahaha!  Like that's going to happen?

Remember when I pulled out my Grand Illusion quilt last week?  Well, I managed to piece one of the blocks this week:

Only 24 blocks to go.  Plus sashing.  And quilting.  And binding.  And I'm tired.

I found another half-done Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt, Roll, Roll Cotton Boll:

I started this quilt in November 2010.  And this isn't even close to my oldest UFO.

The entire body is pieced but I have just pieces of the border.  I have to buy a copy of String Fling to get the pattern to finish the quilt.  Maybe I'll piece one tiny section of the border this week if the book arrives in time?

So, how many un-finished Bonnie Hunter myster quilts do you have?  I currently have at least three.  I'm still cleaning my sewing room and may find more.  Please oh please don't let me find more.  Pretty please?


Bonnie K. Hunter said...
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Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Fabulous colors for the MQ...glad to see someone is using a dark grey, I've been worrried that mine might be too dark. It is such fun seeing everyones progress.

Barb Johnson said...

Let's see - how many unfinished Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts do I have? Does that mean that they have to be started? ;p I have saved the directions for all of them, and have had plans to do them all, but somehow I never even get started! Maybe next year.... after I finish other 40 or so UFOs that I found while spelunking in my basement!

PAMTASTIC! said...

Beautiful choices!