Friday, December 04, 2015

Read My Lips

I am weird.  I know this.  I embrace this.  I choose to hang out with people who are also weird.  We understand each other.

Three years ago, a young friend introduced me to Eric Slager's Minimalist Muppet print and I fell in love.  I fell so much in love that I made a Minimalist Kermit pillow for my friend (read all about it HERE).  She loves that pillow and still talks about it often.

I was speaking with my friend's dad about this and it turns out that he's a huge Muppet fan.  He told me all about his favorite Muppet -- Lips.

He loves this character because they both play the trumpet.  I told myself that I'd attempt a Minimalist Muppet Lips pillow for my friend's dad.

Three years later, I've finally made the pillow.  Since it is minimalist I had to decide what was most important.  I think the eyes were the important part.  Lips squints when he plays the trumpet so I made some squinty eyes on the pillow:

I am not awesome at machine applique.  I'm fine with admitting this.  I only need to be good enough at it to keep the pieces attached.  Mission: Accomplished!

I finished the pillow:

This is a silly little thing and I hope it makes my friend's dad smile.  He's going through some medical stuff this week and I thought it might cheer him a bit.

Have you ever heard of Lips?  Who is your favorite Muppet?


susan said...

Good morning! No never heard of Lips...but I think I'll google it. My favorite is the Swedish Chef....Thanks for asking!

The Calico Cat said...

I kind of love that my son is still young enough to be scared by some of the Muppet monsters.
If I have to choose 1 favorite, Rolf. (Until I wrote it down, now I'm back to being unable to really choose 1.) But the bits I prefer "Pigs in Space." (Dr. Strangepork)

Kim said...

Miss Piggy...I like we are kindred spirits :0)
it's our way or you get a hit over the head with a big purse
....Happy Sewing, Love your creations as always.